We'll Help You Find the Perfect Lip Filler

Schedule a Lip Filler injection in the Poughkeepsie and Fishkill, NY & New Milford, CT area

As we age, our facial features begin to change. Now, thanks to Art of Skin, you can look great and feel confident with simple Botox cosmetic injections. Our team helps individuals in the greater Poughkeepsie, NY area with safe and simple filler services, including cheek, face and lip fillers.

During your visit, we'll:

  • Talk to you about the treatments we offer
  • Discuss your features and goals
  • Design a treatment plan for your unique face.

You'll get the look and feel you want from our professional dermatology team. If you're looking for cheek, face or lip fillers, call us today at 845-485-5000.