Our Philosophy

Patients love the unique "Dermatology Experience" they have receive during their office visits with Tania.

It is our mission to go above and beyond every patient's expectation. Each patient is treated like family by our courteous, efficient and attentive staff.

Patient areas are thoughtfully designed spaces which create calming, tranquil examination rooms which help ease anxiety and aid in distraction during procedures.

This "brand" of delivering medicine and attention to detail is very much appreciated by patients and delivers the message to our patients that we care that they are comfortable while here. This is much different than the large corporate group assembly line treatment offered down the road.

Redesigned smart space

Rethinking the dermatology space

Due to healthcare industry's significant changes brought on by new legislation, advancements in technology, changing patient demographics Dermatologist shortages we have had to "rethink' the office design.

As these forces continue to impact today's dermatology practices, increased focus is being placed on new approaches to the dermatology room, centered entirely on the patient.

This "rethinking" of the Dermatology space, creates a renewed interaction and delivery of efficient patient care for improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

In the early stages of the planning and office design, we rethought the traditional doctor's office schematic. The decision was made to not create large waiting rooms, rather, use that space to make more spacious comfortable exam rooms.

A large reception desk was also eliminated and staff is redirected to run exam rooms more efficiently as self-contained patient areas. Under this design, the assistant can escort patients directly to prepared exam rooms.


As a "Smart Office", we consider ourselves technologically advanced and our medical records system is 100 % paperless.

This ensures interaction with our office is extremely efficient.

Our Superior State of the Art EMR system allows for;

  • Thorough preparation of appointments by both staff and patients using online portal systems which integrate with our EMR (electronic medical records)
  • Most paperwork (registration forms, med lists, etc) will be sent through a link after you schedule your appt. This helps you speed up your office visit
  • Registration forms, medication lists, can be completed through our online portal prior to your appointment which will help speed up office visits considerably.
  • By using in advance paperwork completion and will help facilitate a well-timed patient visit
  • Your follow-up appointment will be scheduled at the conclusion of your appointment within the comfort of your examination room. There will be no need to stop at a crowded front desk
  • And for you who aren't technologically advanced, don't worry we can help you when you get to the office ! )

Patent satisfaction, efficiency of practices and quality of dermatology care can be improved by reducing in-office wait time via various techniques. These include improving office set-up, encouraging in-advance appointment preparation by patients and staff, effective appointment scheduling and continued self-evaluation surveys.

The new office model puts patient-centered medicine at the core of the practice management as patients are empowered to assist in managing their own visit


Without question, the pandemic has created unusual health and safety challenges.

Waiting rooms will be phased out

Talk to any patient and they'll agree that they prefer less time spent in the waiting room.

Although the waiting room experience has already become more streamlined with advances such as online check-ins, experts say waiting rooms will continue to become more efficient in the future, or will even disappear altogether.

Geeta Nayyar, chief medical officer at Greenway Health, believes the waiting room will continue to exist, but that the time patients spend at the doctor's office will be used more efficiently. "The visit will start right when you walk in the door," she says.

  • Patients filling out pre-visit forms online could give doctors most, if not all, the information they need in advance.
  • Less time spent collecting background information means the visit can be devoted solely to the patient's current ailment or issue.
  • This can greatly speed up the duration of appointments and reduce-or even eliminate-the need for wait times and waiting rooms.
  • Also being directed into your self-contained, safe patient area will help alleviate any concerns regarding safety.


We have listened to our patients!

Healthcare is continuing to evolve into a consumer-driven space.

  • We know that you as a patient express a desire to be more involved in your care, spend less time in the waiting room, and many times prefer to have the ability to email or text us with questions related to their care.
  • We have heard you and integrated technologies into the practice that will enable this.
  • We have Embraced the latest and greatest technology. As new technology becomes more widespread in healthcare, patients are likely to not only embrace it but seek out physicians who are using it. Learning and adopting this technology early on will put us ahead of the curve.

Much of this emerging technology is how doctors will maintain their relevance and gain new patients in the future-and ultimately, avoid becoming "obsolete."

The key to success is for physicians to push through the learning curve and any anxiety associated with new technologies and be open to the changes that lie ahead. Physicians who maintain their willingness to listen and learn, despite the common anxiety of not knowing everything in uncharted territory, will be better positioned in the future."